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An increasing number of voters register Decline to State

Take Back Red California (TBRC) was formed to connect Democratic activists and resources in primarily coastal regions with activists in the "red" parts of California. The "red" and "blue" political descriptions tend to oversimplify our understanding of voter trends and demographics in various regions - many of whom are more "purple" than "red" or "blue." However, it's amazing to visualize two politicallly different Californias depicted in this oversimplified map.Celine Handbags, which makes the two major political parties less influential.In Chico alone, there are approximately 14,983 registered Democrats and 14,074 registered Republicans as of August 18, 2006. A significant number of voters are DTS (7,951), which means it's difficult to characterize these voters among the 39,998 registered voters in Chico. The Chico Unified School District, which encompasses areas outside the City of Chico limits and unincorporated "islands" within the City limits, includes 54,942 registered voters. Butte County has 113,611 registered voters with 47,010 registered Republicans, 39,197 registered Democrats, and 20,033 DTS. You can find complete voter registration information here.Today's Scrabble word is chrism, a consecrated mixture of oil and balsam, used for anointing in church sacraments such as baptism and confirmation.

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I will post messages from the other three candidates

E.F. (Gene) Lucas is the third CUSD School Board candidate, along with Anthony Watts and Todd Sturgis, that I'm dedicating blog space to allow them to communicate their unedited message to voters. - Rick Rees, Kathy Kaiser, and Andrea Lerner Thompson - within the next week or so. As you might have noted, some tough questions have already been directed at several candidates and those candidates have responded accordingly. I hope this forum provides an additional opportunity for voters to better understand the candidates and their thoughts on a variety of education issues.
To my knowledge, Lucas is the first local candidate I've seen use a video format (outside 30-second campaign teleivsion ads) to directly communicate a general platform. I'm impressed that Lucas is applying his background in instructional technology to his campaign. Here is Lucas' message:Why E.F. (Gene) Lucas is running for Designer Handbags Governing Board Member:1. I want to help all students at CUSD achieve the highest level of education they are capable of. I want CUSD graduates to integrate seamlessly into the next phases of their lives, whether that be higher education or the world of work.2. I can bring to the Board a lot of education and experience. In 1987 I retired from Silicon Valley where I worked for 25 years as an Engineer and Manager for IBM, RCA and GTE. I then moved to northern California where I operated a non-profit library in Shasta County. I also worked part-time for 5 years as a Career Adviser in Lassen County. In 1996 I returned to CSU-Chico where I earned my Bachelor of Science, and Master of Science degrees in Instructional Technology.
I am very familiar with the use of technology in education and with "smart" classrooms.3. I believe that I can help CUSD become more than "just another failed California school system." According to the "National Report Card," California is next to last in reading, and is only ahead of the Virgin Islands, Guam, and the District of Columbia in math. That's UNSAT! Our students are not stupid and our teachers are competent. Given the proper support, our students should be second to none. I can help set the measurable goals to achieve this, and help provide the means for their accomplishment.4. I will be a strong supporter of technology training for non-academic students who are presently underserved by CUSD. As I said before, I want every student to be ready for the next phase of their lives.If you have any questions, please call me at 891-5223. If I'm not there, leave a message. I WILL get back to you. I hope you will vote for me, but even if you don't - please vote. I hope to see you later — at a board meeting. Thanks for your attention; and thanks to Mr. Leather Handbags for putting this up on his blog.NOTE: I cannot possibly explain my beliefs and positions in this short space, so I recommend that you go to my website and view the video there (if you have high-speed Internet access) - to get to know me, and what I stand for. The video is in QuickTime Movie format. If you have a Mac you already have it. If you have a PC you can download it free from.You don't have to buy anything; just identify your operating system, uncheck the ad stuff, and click on Free Download. Alternatively, you can read the video script in the MS Word file on my site. I hope to have removed the extraneous ?-marks on the chart by the time you read it.- Gene Lucas, CUSD School Board CandidateToday's Scrabble word is technic, or the theory, principles, or study of an art or a process.

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a County public hearing he was covering was intriguing

ER Editor David Littles column on how the newspaper handled ER writer and columnist Roger Aylworths unexpected participation. I understand the decision made by the ERs management to reassign Aylworth since hes, I suppose, now tainted? from the appearance of objectivity that reporters must convey when covering their beat assignments.Nevertheless, Im a media skeptic - just like the media is skeptical of government officials. Theres a mutual love/hate relationship between government and media. I dont believe in objective reporting? since there are countless subjective decisions made by reporters and editors - decisions about the story to cover, the headlines to publish, who to quote, the quotes to publish, the story frame or angle, the layout placement of the story, the timing of the story publication, and the issues to push through repetitive coverage or complementary editorial writing. I tend to disagree when Little writes: That's another thing we journalists know and embrace: We are observers.
We are not participants.?Actually, I think journalists are both observers and participants, or participant-observers as the street-level sociologists like to say. I think journalists like to think the public perceives them as simply observers providing objective news coverage. The Fake Designer Handbags certainly covers the news, but it also helps create the news by the daily choices its reporters and editors make. The ER covers the public agenda-setting by local leaders and community members, but its also an agenda-setting institution too. Aylworth's public comment duirng a County Supervisor hearing just highlighted in full display that reporters and editors have opinions, but typically those opinions are shrouded in the many subjective decisions they make on how to write and publish a story. Personally, Im not offended by Aylworths mistake. If you had to sit through these meetings, youre bound to have a mental lapse and he likely needed a stretch break anyhow from sitting in those uncomfortable seats for hours.In fact, when Aylworth eventually retires - he is a 30-year newspaper veteran - Im ready to help with his campaign for local office so he can speak up all he wants. But I suspect his saintly Susan and his widgets would prefer another retirement plan. Or perhaps The Chico Beat is looking to hire a County beat reporter.
It will be interesting to see how the ER will reassign its reporters to deal with the latest reassignment. According to Little, We talked the next day and decided to write about the meeting in this column, and to let our readers know that we are reassigning Aylworth to another beat. He won't be covering the county supervisors anymore.?Melissa Daugherty covers the university, a beat that Aylworth once covered. Laura Urseny covers Park Commission meetings. Jennifer Scholtes, a staff intern, has been covering the City Council now that Ari killer? Cohn has moved. Chris Gullick covers CUSD. I wonder who is going to draw the short straw to cover the Board of Supervisors. If youre a reporter living in Chico, youd prefer your newspaper beat to be in Chico - not in Oroville - to save on driving time.I recommend the ER approach Judge Darrell Stevens, who helped set up our local Drug Court, to create a program where offenders are asked to cover the County Supervisors as community service in lieu of jail time.If there's anything that might straighten out offenders, it's the possibility of having to attend local government meetings and then writing about it. But then again, some might consider this assignment excessive punishment.Todays Scrabble word is reassign, or to assign to a new position, distribution, or function.


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